Macadamia Nuts

Hawaii Island Gourmet Products,
the home of Hawaii鈥檚 First Chip. Established in 1936, Hawaii Island Gourmet commits to providing guests with a tasteful experience in every bite. Try our line of Classic Atebara Chips, including聽 our Taro Chips and Sweet Potato Chips, or check out our handmade, gourmet chocolate, infused with tropical flavors and made right here on the Big Island.

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Monday – Friday : 8am – 4pm
Saturday : 9am – 3pm

What Makes Hawai鈥檌 Island Gourmet Products Special?

Picking the best sweet potatoes

We Use the Finest Gourmet & Island Grown Ingredients

Gourmet Chips are Incorporated into Many of Our Cookies & Candies

This Line of All Natural Gourmet Products is High Quality & Affordable

Our Products are Hand Crafted and Hand Packaged with Great Care

We Provide Donations & Fundraisers to 聽Schools & Organizations

How does Hawai鈥檌 Island Gourmet Products Support Sustainability?

Support Local Agriculture

We Use Locally Grown Crops such as Taro, Sweet Potato, Macadamia Nuts, Ginger, etc.

Zero Waste Policy

We Donate Waste Materials to Local Farms as Animal Feed, Donate Used Cooking Oil to Use as Bio-Fuel to Run Vehicles, and Re-Use Plant Materials such as Replanting Previously Cut Stalks

Energy Saving

We Use Energy Efficient Bulbs & Fixtures to Maintain Low Energy Consumption

Support Local People

We Regularly Purchase Crops from 15 Big Island Family Farms

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Relying on Local Resources Decrease our Need to Import into the Islands

Giving Back to the Community

We Donate Thousands of Dollars Annually to Local Charities, Schools and Organizations and Provide Groups with Fundraising Opportunities